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ooc -- anon shoutout

To whoever renewed my paid account, you are an angel and a saint and I love you forever. Way to be awesome, sneaky anon. <3


Relationships for Stephanie Brown in a_facility. Check out all the people she knows!

Under the cutCollapse )

OOC: The Facility - Application

appCollapse )

abilitiesCollapse )

personalityCollapse )

HistoryCollapse )

RP Sample - LogCollapse )

rp sample and questionsCollapse )Overall Info Rating: PG - NC17 depending on her mood
Death: Discuss beforehand please~
Smut: I'm up for it if you're up for it.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: I doubt she's  yuri for anyone but Cass, so let's go with Het

Relationships: see seperate post


Love it? Hate it? Got a suggestion on how I can improve?

Let me know what you think of my portrayal of Steph. If you have a problem with her, concrit only please. Bitching doesn't help anyone. Don't be afraid to suggest something but please give me an example of what you think I did wrong so I'll know how to improve. Thanks a bunch! <3